Healthy Habits Starting Today

Many people across the world are appreciating the importance of practicing healthy lifestyles. This is because of the increased prevalence of conditions that affect vital body organs, i.e. the brain, kidney, liver and heart, as a result of leading unhealthy lifestyles. Some of the conditions include; stroke, heart attack, varicose veins, obesity, kidney stones, kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, among others. These conditions occur because of the failure to practice healthy habits.

In order to remain physically healthy, and to avoid the conditions above, the following practices should be embraced:

Maintaining proper diet

It’s important to observe a balanced diet consisting of proper amounts of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fats. However, foods that contain fats should be taken in moderation because of the dangers that are associated with cholesterol (e.g. heart attack). Maintaining a proper diet will ensure that one has a healthy heart, a well functioning immune system and a healthy brain.

Drinking enough water

According to doctors, adults should drink at least eight glasses of water every day.

Enough water should be consumed daily because it (water) plays the following important roles in the human body; acts as a solvent, cools the body and provides a media of transport, among others.

Drinking enough water will also help to avoid conditions such as kidney stones. The water consumed should be properly treated and stored to avoid diseases like typhoid and cholera.


Having enough sleep

Doctors recommend that adults should sleep for about 8 hours every day (cycle of 24 hours), while children are advised to sleep for an average of 10 hours daily. Having enough sleep will ensure that one has enough mental and physical rest, hence enabling him/her to be very productive when he/she wakes up.

Having regular physical exercises

Having regular physical exercises is important in developing muscles, enhancing the rate of metabolism, enhancing the circulation of blood and burning of excess calories. These are important in maintaining a healthy heart and body, hence avoiding conditions such as varicose veins, obesity and heart attacks.

Avoiding unhealthy lifestyles/vices

In order to be and remain healthy, it is important to avoid unhealthy practices such as; smoking cigarettes and other hard drugs, and avoiding/limiting the consumption of alcohol. It is also advisable to avoid physical confrontations and irresponsible sexual activities (e.g. unprotected sex or having multiple sexual partners).

Maintaining high levels of hygiene

According to health experts, maintaining high levels of hygiene plays an important role in keeping one healthy. Proper hygiene involves; regular bathing, properly washing hands after visiting toilets, before peeling (and eating) fruits, and before having meals.

It’s also important to regularly brush the teeth and tongue.

Maintaining proper hygiene plays a significant role in avoiding conditions such as; typhoid, cholera, ascaris lumbricoides, tooth decay, bacterial and fungal infections, among others.

Other practices that should be embraced are:

Avoiding caffeine Meal planning (skipping meals is discouraged) Using nutritional supplements Meditating (enhances mental health) Avoiding unnecessary physical and mental stress Getting routine medical check ups